Popular Free Motorhome Stopovers Available in France

grapes in french vinyard

Popular Free Motorhome Stopovers Available in France

When you travel through France in a motorhome finding a place to stop overnight could be a problem.

In this article, we will focus on two types of campervan stopovers in France: France Passion and Aires de Service.

France Passion

Imagine yourself sitting outside your motorhome, looking at a charming vineyard, drinking a glass of wine and eating some fabulous cheese that you just bought from a local producer; it sounds like a dream right? Well, some dreams are quite real, France Passion provides free overnight motorhome stopovers in some of the most peaceful and beautiful places in France. You can choose a vineyard, an olive grove, or other locations in the French countryside as your home for the night.

How it Works

Happy Camper customers are able to take advantage of our France Passion membership and can stay at any of 2000 stopover sites for one night.

It includes vineyards, restaurants, artisans chops and local farms producing olive oil, wine, honey, cheese, beef, sausages, organic eggs, free range chickens, snails, and all kinds of fruit.

You will have the chance to meet your French hosts, farmers, wine makers and artisans and try some of their products.

To use this amazing motorhome stopover network, all that is required is for you to say “Hello” when you arrive and “Thank you” when you leave and to have the current France Passion guide.

That’s right; there is no obligation for you to pay for your stay but it´s almost impossible not to buy some of the amazing products your hosts have to offer.

Aires de Service

Aires de Service are the official free motorhome stops in France. They are areas for motorhome travelers to either use the services (water, electricity and waste disposal) or to stay overnight.

These areas can be exclusive only for motorhomes or just a few reserved spots in a public auto park; You just have to arrive and park in an approved spot.

The services operate on a “first in first served” basis. You should not park for long periods of time at the servicing areas. Use the water, or electricity and when you are finished leave and let the next person use them.

As far as any other rules, common sense should be applied, just respect your neighbors and clean up after yourself.

These areas are usually very crowded and don´t have the charm of France Passion but also play an important role in the motorhome world.

France, with so many free Stopovers, offers such a friendly and welcoming environment to Campervan travelers allowing them to save quite an amount of money by resorting to this type of service.