French wine

Buying Wine in Southern France

With self-catering facilities and vineyards, dairy farms and orchards offering free stays with France Passion, a motorhome holiday is the perfect time to experiment and try a bottle of wine that you can’t get back home. There are many grape varieties and producers on offer (around 7,000 vineyards in Bordeaux alone) so where do you […]

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French Grand Prix

Visit Two of the Biggest Summer Sporting Events with a French Motorhome Holiday

In addition to the cultural, food and wine events held every year, France hosts a number of popular sporting events across the season. Millions of spectators travel to the country in order to witness their favourite sports men or women take the trophy. Many of the hotels become fully booked long before the event itself, […]

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Aire de Service

Travel Around the South of France on a Budget

Are you looking to get away on holiday this year, but need to stick to a small budget? Take control of your spending with the flexibility of a motorhome holiday. The south of France has lots to offer every holidaymaker, from walking in beautiful countryside to relaxing in a local Salon de The`. Here are […]

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The Perfect Motorhome Holiday for Tennis Fans

With a warm, Mediterranean climate and beautiful scenery, the south of France makes the ideal setting for a relaxed game of tennis. The Open Sud de France and Open de Nice Cote d’Azur draw large crowds every year, with the game becoming more and more popular at a grass roots level. Some even claim that […]

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More Beautiful Villages in Southern France

A motorhome holiday is the perfect way to spend time winding through the glorious countryside of southern France. Avoid the traffic queues and motorways and visit the hidden but beautiful villages of the region. There are too many for us to highlight in just one blog post, so we have chosen three of our favourites, […]

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Muraille de Crémieu

Discover Medieval Europe with a Motorhome Holiday in France

Southern France has lots on offer for every history enthusiast. Growing populations, Roman occupation and Napoleon Empire have all left their mark. From the walled city of Carcassonne to a plethora of castles and chateau – evidence of the medieval period is found in the architecture, market squares and traditional festivals across the region. Plan […]

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Running Events in Southern France for 2018

Widen your running horizons with a 10k, 20k or marathon in southern France. Racing places sell out quickly, along with overnight stay options at the time of these popular events. Avoid the crowds by hiring a Happy Camper motorhome. Flexible parking means that you can stay closer to the event than many hotels allow, making […]

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Airports within Reach of Happy Camper

Enjoy the flexibility of a motorhome holiday to experience the lavender fields of Provence, follow in the footsteps of famous painters, writers and philosophers, or take time to relax in the Mediterranean climate of the French Riviera. If you like the idea of travelling around France in a motorhome but don’t want to invest in […]

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How to Plan for a Family Motorhome Holiday

If you are a family that likes to take camping trips, you will love the experience of a French motorhome holiday. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of staying in a motorhome, but wake up every day with the great outdoors right on your doorstep. A bit of forward planning is useful for any family holiday […]

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Visiting Grenoble During Your Motorhome Holiday

Coined as the ‘Capital of the Alps’ by the Lonely Planet Guide; Grenoble sits between three large mountain ranges, fed by two glacial rivers. The low elevation means that the city experiences mild weather, making Grenoble the perfect starting point for tourists looking to visit the Alps. With a number of parking sites nearby, Grenoble […]

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