Terms and Conditions

Reservations: We require a deposit of 400 Euro to secure an advance booking. Full rental charges are payable minimum 45 days prior to hire start date. All payments must be paid by Debit or Credit card or bank transfer. Submitting a booking form or paying any part of the hire fee implies full acceptance of our terms and conditions by the hirer or people in their party.

Cancellation: The booking fee is required at time of booking and is non refundable. For bookings made within 45 days of commencement of rental we require payment in full. Failure to pay the balance 45 days prior to departure may result in cancellation and loss of any monies paid. Cancellation of the booking at any stage prior to departure will result in the loss of the deposit and or any other monies paid. Cancellations can only be made in writing. If for any reason the vehicle is collected later than or returned earlier than the booked hire period no refund will be given.

Security Deposit: The hirer is liable to pay a security deposit of 1,999 Euro to cover incidents causing damage. The security deposit is used to cover damage such as external damage to the vehicle, the loss of keys or locking keys in vehicle (This may include replacing the locks), damage caused due to negligence, use of incorrect fuel (correct fuel is diesel), recovery of the vehicle if it has been bogged down or driven on a unsealed surface, loss or damage of any additional equipment, skylights, mirrors, window or windscreen damage, impact with stationary objects, driver negligence, returning late fee charged at (€75 per hour), tyre damage, clutch damage, where the clutch shows it has been burnt while driven rather than normal wear and tear. The hirer must notify us immediately of any accidents or mishaps that occur so that we may do everything possible to ensure the next client is not inconvenienced. The hirer must ensure their credit card is sufficiently funded at time of vehicle collection.

Insurance:  Drivers must be between the age of 25 and 70 years old. The hirer’s must have held a license be for a minimum period of 8 years and be valid to drive legally in France a vehicle up to 3.5 tons. In addition the hirer must attend in person at time of vehicle hand over. There is an insurance excess for which the hirer will be liable to pay in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle and or its equipment. The insurance excess applies in respect of each individual claim and not the hire period as a whole. Whereas the company do not offer excess insurance cover it can be obtained through independent suppliers and must be purchased prior to commencement date of hire. E.U. residents requiring excess insurance should contact Questor Insurance U.K. non E.U. residents contact Worldwideinsure.com.

Theft of Vehicle: The theft insurance is not valid if the keys are left inside the vehicle or cannot be produced by the hirer following the theft. In this instance, the hirer is not limited to the pre authorised amount taken at commencement of hire. We recommend you keep the keys in person at all times even during re fuelling and never leave them unattended.  If the vehicle is stolen the hirer may be held responsible for the replacement cost of the vehicle if they fail to produce the keys and a copy of Police report to the company.

Third Party: Where damage to the vehicle is caused involving a third party, we require an accident report form signed by both parties with clear identification details concerning any additional vehicle or vehicles.

Early Termination: Should the vehicle be damaged in any way that prevents its continued use constitutes early termination of the contract. The company may require the hirer to deliver the vehicle to a location of their choice (including their depot) for examination by a representative of the company or any appointed agent. Only the company or its chosen representative may make an assessment of the damage to the vehicle and decide on its continued use.  If it is determined the hirer cannot continue to use the vehicle there will be no refund for unused days of hire. The responsibility of the company will be limited to the benefits provided under the roadside recovery insurance. In the event of theft of the vehicle the hire will be terminated and no replacement vehicle or compensation will be offered by the company to the hirer.

Accident: Any accident breakdown or loss must be reported to the company immediately no matter how insignificant this may seem to be. Under French Law any accident involving damage or loss must be reported to the Police within 24 hours and an accident report form must be completed.

Breakdown: It is the responsibility of the hirer to arrange recovery and assistance directly through our 24 hour breakdown assistance provider. In the event of a breakdown that cannot be repaired the company shall endeavour to provide a replacement vehicle. If no replacement vehicle is available the liability of the company will be restricted to benefits under the road side assistance insurance. The roadside assistance does not cover minor system faults within the accommodation part of the vehicle such as fridge, hot water, heating etc. In the event of such minor faults the company shall endeavour to provide a local repairer, this might entail the hirer to deliver the vehicle to the business address of said repairer. This arrangement will only apply within France. Should a repair be required outside of France the hirer will be responsible to locate a repairer to assess and repair the fault. The company do not offer compensation for inconvenience or delay caused by breakdown or fault repair.

Vehicle Cleaning: Whereas the company do not charge for vehicle cleaning we expect the toilet and waste tank to be empty and cleaned prior to returning your vehicle. All rubbish bags must be disposed of and cupboards left empty and clean. The fridge compartment must also be left empty and clean. All upholstery and curtains must be left without any marks. Floors must be left swept and all other finishes wiped clean. Should the toilet cassette require emptying the company will charge €150+TVA fee. In the event the vehicle tank needs refilling a charge of €3+TVA will be applied. We do not allow animals to be carried in our vehicles. The full cost or replacement component or repairs will be incurred by the hirer.

Vehicle Availability: In the unlikely event a reserved vehicle is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control. The company reserves the right to provide a substitute vehicle of similar or greater class to the one booked at no extra cost to the hirer. Due to renewal of product and or adaptation of vehicle, models may vary at anytime. All booked vehicles are confirmed by category only and not by brand or model. Price and conditions are subject to change until reservation is not fully confirmed and paid. If no substitute vehicle is available the company will refund to the hirer in full all monies paid.

Violations: Any unforeseen charges, parking tickets, speeding fines during the hire period is the responsibility of the hirer. Note an administration fee of €50+TVA will be added for each occurrence.

Keep in mind: The following documents are mandatory and must be presented at time and location of pick up.

All documents must be in the name of main driver: Valid driving license (International if required by Hirer, passport and credit card (valid for term of hire) with sufficient funds for security deposit.